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Our handmade Jar Soy Candle is as attractive as it is highly fragrant!  

100% Natural, richly infused with natural imported fragrance oils, and elegantly encased in a classical glass container with a lead-free wicks.  Our Candles creatively double as an aesthetic aromatic room fragrance as well as an invigorating massage oil – a luxurious alternative to conventional candles and massage oils.

Each premium 7 oz Soy Candle offers at least 40 hours of scent enjoyment and will fill your room with wonderful fragrance!

The exotic floral aroma of night blooming jasmine will your room with sensual , relaxing fragrance.7ozSize with box: 10x10x11.5 cm..
The exotic floral aroma of n...
The magical combination of the Orange and Lemon fragrances balanced by the distinctive fig and White Musk. Makes for a lively, fresh fragrance.7ozSize with box: 10x10x11.5 cm..
The magical combination of t...
A true tropical gardenia with sweet, green floral top notes.7ozSize with box: 11x10x11.5cm..
A true tropical gardenia wit...
A sensual blend of Hibiscus, ylang-ylang, cress, muguet and violet blossoms combine with luscious fruit to seal the deal on this sophisticated blend. It reminds us of a Hawaiian hibiscus flower ..
A sensual blend of Hibiscus,...
The fragrant canopy is the window to a wonderful array of fresh leafy greens, dew-kissed tropical fruits, aromatic blossoms, and the slightly mossy and woody notes of earth.7ozSize with box: 10x..
The fragrant canopy is the w...
Tahitian Black Ginger - Hawaiian florals are uniquely balanced with warm spice, rich woods and sweet musk.7ozSize with box :10x10x11.5 cm..
Tahitian Black Ginger - Hawa...
Cranberry, orange, and pomegranate combined with cinnamon, pimento, clove and vanilla.7ozSize with box :10x10x11.5 cm..
Cranberry, orange, and pomeg...
A delightful soothing fragrance. The Vanilla is present but not overpowering and works beautifully with the Lavender together with the Bergamot and Eucalyptus.7ozSize with box :10x10x11.5 cm..
A delightful soothing fragra...
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